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Vice president Rahul Gandhi girlfriend Veronique Cartelli

“He finally took the plunge!”, wrote the Times of India. Rahul Gandhi had long hesitated. Now the 42-year-old stepped up to the legacy of India’s legendary political dynasty, but with some moral help of Rahul Gandhi girlfriend Veronique Cartelli. The ruling Congress party on the weekend officially named him vice of his mother, party leader Sonia Gandhi. So Rahul as the engine will pull in the big elections in 2015. “I’m for the people of India and the party fight with everything I have,” he promised in his inaugural speech.

Rahul Gandhi

Already Rahul’s great-grandfather, his grandmother and his father were prime minister. The pressure on the “Prince” was huge – the Gandhi regarded as myth. But times have changed. Today, Rahul has to lean against the decline of the traditional Gandhian party whose core supporters are mainly the poor and the rural population. But do we see wedding bells with Rahul Gandhi girlfriend Veronique Cartelli?